2017 Offshore Decommissioning Conference St Andrews

The 2017 Offshore Decommissioning Conference St Andrews will take place from Monday 27 November 2017 until Wednesday 29 November 2017.

The Offshore Decommissioning Conference event by Decom North Sea and Oil & Gas UK will be held at the Fairmont Hotel in St Andrews.

Starfish Taxis would be delighted to assist with your transportation needs to and from the Fairmont hotel.

Our fixed tariffs;

  • Aberdeen to the DECOM event at Fairmont              £145
  • Edinburgh airport to the DECOM event at Fairmont  £90
  • Leuchars station to the DECOM event at Fairmont   £20
  • Other locations on demand, Please fill out a contact form:
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Mercedes minibuses up to 8 passengers accommodating comfortably for your needs to and from 2017 Offshore Decommissioning Conference St Andrews
Mercedes minibuses up to 8 passengers accommodating comfortably for your needs to and from 2017 Offshore Decommissioning Conference St Andrews
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Decommissioning presents huge but well-identified safety challenges. By contrast, the health impacts and consequences of release of hazardous materials during execution often fly “under the radar”

Useful links:
The Offshore Decommissioning Conference 2017 agenda has now been released – view the full agenda
The key objective of the conference is to bring a wide spectrum of oil and gas companies into one room; small supply chain companies, contractors and many of the large operators.
Part of the Conference, will focus on the opportunities for the offshore wind sector over the next ten years and beyond.
What will upcoming tenders offer the supply chain (short term)?
What are the trends and opportunities after 2023? While also tackling subtopics such as cost reduction, innovations, subsidy and cooperation with the oil and gas industries.

Climate change,

global trade developments and shifts in the world’s energy mix are but a few factors with significant impact. But where will the effects of climate change be felt most? And what public funds are available to pay for solutions that can protect vulnerable regions?

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