The Ryder Cup 2014 St.Andrews – Gleneagles taxi transfers

The Ryder Cup 2014 St.Andrews – Gleneagles Taxi transfers

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Private Hire vehicles, private buses/coaches, limousines and taxis will NOT be allowed access to The 2014 Ryder Cup event site nor is there any facility for drop off or pick up on adjoining routes or pedestrian access or egress to the event site. Private Hire, private buses/coaches, limousines and taxis should follow the Park and Ride event signage to the most appropriate Park and Ride site where there will be a dedicated drop off and collection area.

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There will be shuttle buses running to and from the Park and Ride

Gleneagles Ryder cup Schedule 2014
Gleneagles Ryder cup Schedule




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This will be the second time that Scotland has hosted the Ryder Cup.
The 1973 competition having been played at Muirfield.
So it is the first time in 40 years that the Ryder Cup — which pits America’s top golfers against Europe’s elite pros — has played in Scotland and sponsors, organisers and backers are keen to showcase the event to the world..

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The dates for the Ryder Cup 2014:
26th to the 28th of September 2014.

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History of the Ryder cup

When the Ryder Cup matches come to Gleneagles in 2014 you could say that the tournament is returning to the place where it all began. Oh sure, history remembers that the event didn’t begin officially until 1927, when Walter Hagen’s USA trounced Ted Ray’s Great Britainat Worcester Country Club in Massachusetts. But what about 1921 at Gleneagles? You don’t know about that? You haven’t heard about the first time a USA team set foot on Scottish soil to play the best we had to offer? Well, listen up, because this is a quite a story.
In May ’21, the RMS Aquitania, built at the John Brown shipyard in Clydebank and one of the Cunard Line’s grand trio of ships along with the Mauretania and the Lusitania, pointed her way out of New York Harbour and set sail for her homeland of Britain. On board were 10 golfers. Not just any golfers. Famous golfers. Legends. Some Americans and some transplanted Scots who had sought to make a nice life for themselves in the new world in the early part of the 20th century. There was Hagen out of New York and Wild Bill Mehlhorn from Texas and alongside them, wrapped in the Stars and Stripes, were Jock Hutchison from St Andrews and Freddie McLeod from North Berwick.

Front port at Gleneagles

This was the USA team coming to Gleneagles to take on a storied British side that had at its heart, James Braid, Harry Vardon, JH Taylor, Ted Ray and George Duncan. Icons all. They had 20 major championship victories between them. Duncan was the reigning Open champion, Ray the holder of the US Open.

Gleneagles in 1921 was the first time that an American golf side had ever been assembled, the first time the nations had come together for a match. And it took place right here in Perthshire. They called it the International Challenge, but, effectively, it was forerunner for the Ryder Cup.

Event opening:

A “once in a lifetime” concert will be held in Scotland to celebrate the opening of the 2014 Ryder Cup at Gleneagles.

The biggest promotions companies in the country are said to be vying for the contract to put on the concert, which will herald the start of one of golf’s most prestigious tournaments in Perthshire next year.
Up to £1.2 million of public money is expected to be ploughed into the concert, on top of the £10m already ring-fenced by VisitScotland to host the sporting tournament.
It is hoped that the show will attract the biggest names in pop, rock and traditional music to the opening of the Ryder Cup.
The concert could be broadcast live on the night and is intended to be similar in style to those seen in previous years at Ryder Cup venues such as Wales, where a mixture of national and international stars performed at the 
Millennium Stadium.
The show will be held in Glasgow but could encourage even more people to visit Perthshire when the tournament kicks off in the following days.

The courses:

The great Jack Nicklaus designed the course which opened in 1993 and is today renowned as one of the best in the world.

He described it as “the finest parcel of land in the world I have even been given to work with.”

Praise indeed and he duly delivered a classic lay-out widely accepted as one of the finest spectator courses on the golfing map with the 18th hole built in the style of an amphitheatre creating a wonderful sense of theatre.

The ability to see close-up every twist and turn in a Ryder Cup makes Gleneagles a compelling choice of venue and will make for compulsive viewing.
The Nicklaus design was known as the Monarch’s Course before it was re-named the PGA Centenary Course in 2001 to celebrate the centenary of the Professional Golfers’ Association.
It is one of three courses at Gleneagles, the King’s and Queen’s forming part of this magnificent 850-acre estate in beautiful Perthshire.

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