The 93 and 89 year old

This is a few years back now. A couple booked online to be collected from Edinburgh airport and brought to St Andrews.
So I’m standing with my sign at the arrivals gate and this elderly couple walks up.
There was an accident on the way back, the sun was oouring and so we decided to take the scenic coastal route via Burntisland to St Andrews.
As always for newcomers they received a welcome introduction highlight tour around the town.
First stop at the Old course and Swilkan bridge. I’m standing next to the chap (whom I later found out he was 93) and the guy gets watery eyes.
The couple from Arizona played golf as often as they could and at the *end of their life they wanted to see St Andrews. Pay tribute to the game at the “home of golf”

I will never forget the 2 of them as it was such an intense moment which I was honored to share. They mentioned that they probably thanked their longevity to the game of golf.