Vehicles at Starfish taxis – Travel in comfort

We serve our clients in a smooth range of comfortable Mercedes Vito and Viano vehicles.

Clean Leather interiors, with reclining and flexible seating options

The Vito’s are spacious and comfortable due to adaptive air suspension coupled with a smooth engine and perfectly balanced gearbox . Easily making our Mercedes 8seaters the ideal long distance vehicles.

The comfort drive

7 passengers with Large luggage capacity Taxi cabs
St Andrews Starfish Taxis with golf equipment trailer, comfortably accommodating 8 passengers with luggage, Golf tours around Scotland

Length of boot floor – middle row of seats folded down: 1785mm

Length of boot floor – back row of seats folded down or removed: 1057mm

Length of boot floor – back row of seats upright: 476mm

Vertical height of boot opening: 1220mm

Width of boot floor at narrowest point: 1185mm

Width of boot opening – bottom: 1317mm