St Andrews University tour for prospective students

Are you (or your son or daughter) looking to explore one of the open days at St Andrews University tour as a prospective student?
It is important to plan the logistics of the campus visit, factoring in considerations such as transportation, accommodation, and getting around the campus. We would be more than happy to assist your travels in a timely matter from meeting you at either the airports or train stations nearby.
In the past we received helpful comments of showing newcomers around the town on a quick highlight tour around the dorms and town facilities. A first impression lasts a long time.
We recommend that visitors do not book their university tour on the same morning that they arrive in Scotland.
Flights arriving in Edinburgh early morning do not allow sufficient time for visitors to reach St Andrews.
Keep in mind to plan your return journey in advance if possible, these open days are busy with people often travelling out at the same time.

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The University of St Andrews, preferred taxi service

Here is some useful information to prompt the visit of the Campus at St Andrews University.

Top tip: Before students attend their open day visit,
Prepare to prioritise a list of personalised questions to ask faculty members and current university students often conducting the tours.
It’s also helpful
It may also show helpful to have a clear and realistic itinerary for the day in question.
We can help you navigate between locations you want to visit however, most places of interest are in walking distance.

You might want to visit several institutions in the U.K. over the course of multiple days, coordinating your transportation accordingly could save you some valuable time.
Even attending several Scottish universities may be a good part of the day travelling by train, car or plane. 
The nearest train station serving St Andrews is Leuchars at around 5 miles (8km) away from the campus, that journey takes around 10min.
Edinburgh city to St Andrews takes 1h35min by taxi
– Airport 1h10min
Glasgow City to St Andrews around 1h50min by taxi
– Airport is similar to the city
Dundee city to St Andrews around 25min by taxi
– Dundee airport around 35min
However Starfish Taxis is happy offer our services for airport transfers or inter(univer:-)city travel.
We can collect you from Edinburgh Waverley station too
For a student to learn everything they need to know about such an institution and courses or explore the feel of St Andrews town in one day is a tall order.
Maybe spending a day or two to familiarise with the town could be helpful.
A day passes quickly and it may not be sufficient time for a prospective applicant to gain a detailed impression of life on campus.

Get organised for your Scottish university experience:

  • What are the typical career paths of this degree?
  • What are the required skills required to be successful in the course?
  • What does the course cover and what modules are on offer?
  • How will I be taught (e.g. lectures, tutorials, laboratory time) and what class sizes can I expect?
  • How am I assessed and what kind of reading/research will be required outside of teaching hours?
  • What are the sport facilities like?
  • What kind of interest groups and societies are there?

From my experience as a local taxi driver in St Andrews… What can I tell you about the town?

Foremost, St Andrews town is very safe day and night.
It’s a small town tucked away in a corner of Scotland within 30 minute reach of Dundee and 1 hour by train to Edinburgh from the nearest railway station at Leuchars.
With a population of around 18.600 inhabitants and around 10.000 students at the faculties it remains a fairly compact place.
You can walk the town from end to end in around 30minutes.
With all usual amenities to be reached within a 15min walk or 5 minute taxi ride from most Student halls.
The Scots are a very friendly bunch, with much of the town’s economy relying on foreign influx through the golf and Uni, everyone feels welcome instantly.
Cycling at darkness can be done if you equip yourself with decent gear and bright lights!
Please follow the highway code and you will remain great friends of the taxi drivers 😉
There are plenty pubs and great eateries to quench your desires, however the more healthy food is a little thing spread if you ask me.

What to expect from the tour of St Andrews University open day?

The talk and tour programme begins at either 10am or 2pm, depending on the day that is most convenient for you. Each visit lasts two hours. The programme consists of the following:

  • A walking tour given by a current student – 10am or 2pm
  • A talk given by a member of Admissions staff – 11am or 3pm
Subjects at St Andrews University
  • Ancient history
  • Arabic
  • Archaeology
  • Art history
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Chinese studies
  • Classical studies
  • Classics, Greek and Latin
  • Comparative literature
  • Computer science
  • Creative writing
  • Divinity
  • Earth and environmental sciences
  • Economics
  • English
  • Film studies
  • Finance
  • French
  • Geography
  • German
  • History
  • Interdisciplinary studies
  • International education
  • International relations
  • Italian
  • Management
  • Marine biology
  • Mathematics
  • Medicine
  • Medieval studies
  • Middle East studies
  • Music
  • Neuroscience
  • Persian
  • Philosophy
  • Physics and astronomy
  • Psychology
  • Russian
  • Social anthropology
  • Spanish
  • Statistics
  • Sustainable development
  • Teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL)

We can help you plan your St Andrews University tour!
I hope this helps and should you have any questions we would like to assist you best we can.
Our team has provided a reliable service to many students for the duration of their educational experience in Scotland. We are here to help!

Tim Snoeks